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甘肃十一选五预测 www.lnmik.com PART I - Personnel Agency

ü Employment record maintenanceonboard/resignation, data updating  

ü PayrollPayroll calculation, payroll report, salary payment to employee,  distribution of pay slips

ü MPF administrationNew employee MPF account set up, resigned employee MPF account termination, MPF calculation and contribution

ü Tax ReportingPrepare and complete (56E/F/G), employer tax return reporting56B)

ü EE compensationPolicy compliance, assist in the procurement of Insurance and oversee implementation and administration

ü Supplemental insuranceAssist in the procurement of PA, medical insurance etc.

ü ReimbursementAssist employees to reimburse expenses in timely and efficient manner

ü Labor Law Compliance : Provide updates from labor department and give advice to customers


PART II – Staff Outsourcing Service

ü The contracted employee will work for the customer;CIIC provides services : salary payment, MPF contribution, salary tax reporting, EE compensation, etc. 


PART III – Finance Outsourcing Service

ü Limited Company Registration

ü Secretarial Service

ü Book-Keeping Service

Documents classification and keeping, vouchers making

P&L sheet and Balance sheet making

Assisting Auditing

ü Reimbursement Service


PART IV – Visa Application Service

ü Working Permit for Professionals entering Hong Kong

- Talents recruitment, consultancy advice application materials checking, documents compilation, submission and follow-up, visa collection as well.

ü  Z visa for the foreigners from mainland enterprise to entry China

- Consultancy advice, documents checking and submission, visa collection, etc.

ü Working Visa for imported mainland labors

- Handling the formalities in mainland and provide visa application and renewal service in Hong Kong


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